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Every Single Business Owner Will Leave
His or Her Business Someday…
Whether Voluntarily or Not!

75% Would Exit Today if Their Financial Security Were Assured.

100% of Business Owners Will Leave Their Businesses, Whether Planned or Otherwise.

50% of Exits are Involuntary

Resulting from Death, Disability, Divorce, Distress or Disagreement.

Building a Better Future

You can plan to be exit ready without wanting to sell your business today

A Team on Your Side

If you don’t have advisors, we use our stable of top industry advisors

For many business owners, navigating the exit of a business is likely to be the largest, most critical transaction of their professional life. It's typically a once in a lifetime event.

Learn How to Unlock, Harvest & Preserve Your Wealth


50% of All Exits are Involuntary

We can articulate the benefits of being exit ready,
even if you are not ready to sell!

You are prepared to transition your business if you…


Have completed a strategic analysis business valuation and personal, financial and business assessment

This information is critical to a successful exit


You have a written transition plan

How will it all work?


You have a wealth management plan

Income well into the future

At NEEPA, we help the business owner transition from turning a business’s profits,
losses and revenues into an investment portfolio.


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