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Your Exit Planning Team

We use your existing advisors. You will need the help of several professionals each with their own expertise in order to build a Comprehensive Exit Plan. While true that they each offer other services, these are the ones that impact an exit planning engagement. The exit planning team at NEEPA coordinate this team as the business owner continues to focus on their business.

Accountants help clients structure their business and personal holdings to minimize the bite of the IRS.

Estate Attorneys protect assets and document transfers of inheritances.

Wealth Managers provide retirement projections and validate lifestyle assumptions.

Consultants/Coaches recommend ways to increase the value of the business, to maximize the proceeds from a sale.

Business Brokers/Investment Bankers value and list a company for acquisition.

Insurance Brokers write policies to protect owners, their families and their companies against premature departures,
or the absence of key employees.

In order to build a Comprehensive Exit Plan, you need a team of professionals working together whose primary goal is focused on your exit objectives. Those objectives should consider how you see your life in retirement and the future of the company once you are no longer running it.