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What We Do

We aim to align the owners personal, financial and business goals and help you unlock, harvest and preserve wealth. We can educate the owner on all their options and opportunities and ensure that you are financially prepared.

We oversee the process, acting as the “Quarterback” of the team (including current advisors to the owner). The goal is to maximize the outcome for the owners.

  • View Valuation: (Buyer vs Seller)
  • Access the credibility of financial information
  • Financial Modeling – Cash Flow/Lifestyle/Income for Life
  • Identify Deal Breakers

We articulate the benefits of being exit ready without wanting to sell

  • Pushes the team to be best-in-class
  • Serves as a contingency plan
  • Non-Solicited offers do happen
  • Increase annual income and value

The biggest pitfall and most common deal breaker is that owners vastly overvalue their businesses and then demand unobtainable sale prices based on the overvaluation. This mindset stems from an owners inability to replace current lifestyle spending with the investment return from the business sales proceeds.

How we do it:

From the initial assessment, to the draft and then on to the final plan, we understand and identify the owners objective, quantify the business and personal financial resources. Then we implement a strategy to explore all the transfer options. ┬áDevelop a personal wealth and estate planning solution. ┬áThe deliverable is a comprehensive 60 to 80 page play book for a successful exit or “best practice” blue print. The business owner can sell their business when they want, for the money they need and to whomever they choose.

Fact: The value of your business is typically 80% of your net worth.

Are you prepared to unlock this wealth?

Many advisors work in silos and are not working in concert with the other advisors on the team. We sit on the same side of the table with the owner – coordinating all the trusted advisors at each step of the process.

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